Beyond the Buffet


“One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.” ~Luciano Pavarotti and William Wright, Pavarotti, My Own Story.

A major part of a wedding reception is the food served. Here are a few tips that will surely have your guests licking their lips.

Themed Menus

As more and more couples are having themed weddings, it seems only perfect to tie it all together by choosing your menu based on your theme. Whether your theme is based on a season, a colour or favourite book, the menu items should reflect such. For example, for an Italian themed wedding serve pasta smothered in pesto and basil sauces and for a Hawaiian or beach theme wedding have fresh fruits on skewers served as appetizers, along with fresh fruit juices. Theme wedding menus create a fun, exciting and memorable event. Also consider the way the food is eaten. Consider serving coconut water in coconuts themselves with tall straws for a beach/seaside theme wedding.

All About Performance

Creating a wedding menu where the food preparation is as interesting and delicious as the food itself is a trend that has guests extremely entertained. Consider a sushi bar complete with a sushi chef, slicing and making rolls, or perhaps invite the chef and his or her team to the reception and having them carve meats, grill vegetables or flambeau crepes on site. This will entertain the party and ensure a freshly prepared meal. Also, it makes a perfect conversation starter for guests. Getting a flair bartender to synchronize his or her moves to them music is also a great idea. Guests will gather around the bar just to see the bartender flipping and juggling bottles and glasses to get their drinks made.

Bits and Bites

For couples looking to have a non-traditional reception, consider skipping the salad, meat, starch, vegetables buffet. Instead base the entire wedding reception on hors d’oeuvres and appetizers. This style of catering has no limits in terms of items. These can be served either cocktail style throughout the reception by servers or they can found at mini buffet stations around the venue where guests can freely help themselves when hunger strikes. Crabmeat canapés, quiches, buffalo wings and mini sandwiches are just some examples of items that can be served. To really enhance this type of menu ensure that the items are presented in creative ways and garnished accordingly.

Dessert Buffets

A fantastic alternative to the plated ice cream and cake dessert is to offer your guests a dessert buffet. These buffets are often lavish displays with desserts of different shapes, sizes and colours. Try arranging local treats such as barfi, sugarcake and fudge on square platters placed on different heights with lights in between them. Also have your caterer attach small pieces of chocolate or cake to skewers or lollipop sticks and display them in large glass bowls or trays. Guests would enjoy nibbling on these treats to satisfy their sweet tooth and quickly get right back on the dance floor. A chocolate fountain makes a nice addition to any dessert station and can be surrounded by an endless supply of fresh fruit, wafers, marshmallows and lady fingers for guests to dip and enjoy.

Retro treats

For the young at heart serving up treats from childhood days seems like a great addition to their wedding day. Relive the good old days and bring out the child in every one of your guests. Rent cotton candy machines, serve ice cream from a cart and offer snow cones for dessert. For a twist on traditional drinks, create a signature cocktail snow cone style by pouring coloured alcohol, like Blue Curacao and Crème de Menthe, over finely crushed ice and serve in little wax cups.

Family Time

Serving the meal family style is a sure way to get guests talking while creating a homey yet festive atmosphere. In this type of service each item is delivered to the center of the table and guests then pass them around. This type of service works best with simple dishes that is sure to be eaten by everyone. If you decide to go this way also ensure that your centrepieces or table decor are minimal and leave ample room for serving dishes.

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